Instructor: Dave Harrington Bio
Business: CombatSpeed LLC
Dates: 2014 May 17-18
Pelham Fish & Game Club, Pelham, NH
Nashua Holiday Inn
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Class Description

The focus of the May 17th & 18th Combat Speed LLC training event at the Pelham NH Range will be the comprehensive technical and tactical use of the semi-automatic pistol.

Training participants will be required to apply specific reality based safety concepts and specific training guidance that supports the continuous application of active security and safety measures for getting your pistol into action, keeping your pistol in action, and getting your pistol back into action with confidence and professionalism.

Every decision you make and action you take is based on your confidence in your technical and tactical knowledge base.

You are required to provide the minimum equipment stated herein to support the quality and smooth flow of your training:

  • Be prepared to take notes! [This means have note-taking material…]
  • You should have a basic first aid kit to treat yourself for minor cuts, scratches etc. to include a bottle of liquid tears / Visine for rinsing your eyes if needed. Also, you may want to have sunscreen and hand sanitizer.
  • Have one pair of certified ballistic Eye & Ear protection. EYE PROTECTION MUST PROVIDE ADEQUATE COVERAGE OF YOUR EYES FROM THE SIDES. Prescription eyeglasses are acceptable but you must make sure they are ballistic rated.
  • Electronic hearing protection is recommended [but not mandatory], as it will allow you to hear the instruction better than if you are wearing earplugs and/or non-electronic hearing protection
  • Have functional clothing that allows for a full range of physical motion, appropriate footgear and seasonal weather gear. Long pants and long sleeve shirts are recommended, you can roll up the sleeves if necessary. Open toed shoes are not acceptable nor are sandals - even if they have covered toes. They do not provide adequate protection from shrapnel and hot brass.
  • Have a hat with a bill or brim. Ball caps and boonie hats are recommended. Flat-billed ball caps do not work to protect your face from flying brass as well as ball caps with curved bills. A bandana or shemagh can be wet down to keep you cool and also serve’s to keep hot brass from migrating down your shirt.
  • Have a 5.11 type vest or suitable garment if you would like to incorporate aspects of working from concealment.
  • Duty uniform & equipment is recommended for participating military personnel and/or law enforcement officers to include body armor and working gloves if your duty assignment requires them.
  • Knee and Elbow pads are recommended.
  • For your Pistol Training: Have a reliable pistol of reputable manufacture with a minimum of 3 / 15 round magazines. Have the appropriate maintenance equipment & lubrication. Have a quality holster and 2 magazine carriers (1 double/2 singles). 1911 Single Stack Drivers have at least 5 / 8 round magazines. Have at least 10 each inert training round’s, they will be incorporated throughout training.
  • You will need (and be loading) 2,000 rounds of ammunition over the course of 3 days. A pistol magazine loader (like the Uplula) is strongly recommended.
  • Given the quality of this training, it would be a shame to miss out because of a serious weapons malfunction. At the very least, have the critical spare parts for the specific make & model of pistol you plan to use for training. If you can, have an identical spare pistol.
  • For low & no light work, hand held flashlight(s) and/or attachable firearm lights will be necessary, have a primary and secondary light source.
  • A small knapsack or assault pack to hold your first aid kit, rain gear, extra dry socks, note taking materials etc. is recommended. In addition, a small cooler for cold drinks, food, snacks etc. is very handy as is a folding chair.

Please bring your lunch and eat on the range, travel to nearby local restaurants is very time consuming. We will take adequate time for dinner before the low/no-light work to allow for a hot meal.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at Martialgun@aol.com .

An Open Mind is required!

Know your handgun’s zero at various ranges.

Ammo Requirements:
1000 rounds of handgun (Factory Ammo Only)

If placing a down-payment, the balance is due 30 days in advance of the class. The prices below include a credit card transaction fee.

Class Closed.

Note: NEShooters, LLC has made arrangements to obtain a limited amount of ammunition for our students at a really good price. Due to the limited nature, we can only sell this ammunition for the purposes of attending one of our classes. If you have any questions, please contact us.