NEShooters, LLC is pleased to announce our 8th Annual Summit!
Dates: 2015 Apr 17-19
Location: Pelham Fish & Game, Pelham, NH
Hotel: Nashua Holiday Inn (updated 3/15/2015)
See bottom of page for payment options.

Please fill out required forms and bring them with you.

And the 2015 Schedule of Events. Print it out and bring a copy for yourself.

The summit will last for 3 days and will allow the participants to meet with and learn from the training industry’s leading experts.
This is the best value for training this year. Thanks to our sponsors, just one of this year's door prizes (must be present to win) is worth more than the price of admission! Do not miss out!

Scheduled Instructors:
  • Alex Hartmann - Combat Shotgun
  • Andrew F. Branca, Esq. - Law of Self-Defense
  • Bill Lewitt - Tactical Medicine
  • Cecil Burch - Ground Fighting
  • Craig Douglas - Defensive Mindset
  • Dave Harrington - Defensive Handgun
  • Kelly Venden - AR Platform
  • Mike Centola - Computer Security, AR15 Maintenance
  • Mike Janich - Intro to Knife Techniques
  • Paul Sharp - CCW handgun Skills
  • Scott Germain - AR Cover and Concealment
  • William Aprill - Victim Selection

The NEShooters Summit 2015 includes all types of training:
  • Live fire sessions
  • Hands-on sessions
  • Classroom sessions
  • At least one lunch hour lecture
Come tune up your skills!

We will post an itemized list of required gear soon (at least a month before the summit) - so keep an eye out.

As usual, there will be:
  • Random drawing door prizes
  • An industry sponsored grift-bags

A Huge “Thank you!” to all of our generous sponsors:

Thank you! to this year’s Major Sponsors:
Pelham Fish & Game Club, Inc.
Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts (GOAL)
Gun Owners of New Hampshire (GONH)
Rileys Gun & Sport, Hookset, NH
Mass Firearms School
NY Firearms
Four Seasons Guns

Thank you! to this year’s door prize sponsors:
Chase Tactical & Warrior Assault Systems
Tango Down
Viking Tactics

Thank you in advance to this year’s gift bag sponsors:
Names to be announced

Thank you! to last year’s gift bag sponsors:
Khyber (Wes Doss)
Omaha Targets
LE Targets
Blade Tech
LA Police Gear
MDTS (Chris Fry)
Tango Down
Kyle Lamb (Viking Tactics)
Rand CLP
ITW Military Products / Nexus
Rite in the Rain
Chase Tactical
Larry Vickers (Red State Tactical)
H&K Firearms
Fire Clean
Troy Industries
Hornaday Ammunition
Warrior Assault Systems
Cecil Birch (PDN Network)
Pete’s Gun Shop Hudson, NH

A discount is available to:

  • Members of Pelham F&G
  • Members of GOAL
  • Members of GO-NH
  • Members of NYFirearms
  • or for two (or more) people signing up at the same time
Advance sign up is required for all.

Overall Class Notes:

There are no prerequisites to attend the 2015 Summit.  There are a lot of activities, some indoors some on the range.  For those activities on the range safety is our first consideration.  In general, the Summit activities are all based on the skill level of the attendees.  The instructors will gauge the skill and keep the classes within those bounds.

As far as what to bring, for the range the normal stuff is required: eye protection and ear protection.

There are going to be classes that require specific firearms, for instance AR-Platform.  If you have an AR-15 (or equivalent) then you should bring that along with at least two or three magazines.  A "dump pouch" is very useful for all of the range based classes.

The rest of the range work would be with a defensive pistol with a good holster (one that maintains the opening so that you can re-holster without needing a second hand).  The round count is being determined - We’ll be posting that when we have that locked in.  If you don't have one of the firearms, then please see if you can borrow one from one of your shooting friends.

Everyone is encouraged to watch even if they decide to skip a class or two.  There is absolutely no requirement to attend all of the sessions.

Each class session, both range and indoor, will take 3 hours.  Each day will have 3 sessions each.  There will be a break for lunch each day.  The Boy Scouts are going to be catering the lunch for a small fee.  They did a great job!

Note: we assign the squads in advance - please send us a note if you need to be in a squad with someone - we will make every attempt to accommodate.  Squading changes will continue until Thursday night so we cannot tell you in advance which sessions you will be attending on which days.  Please be prepared for any session on Friday morning.

Finally, if at all possible, bring one of your shooting friends - it makes for a more fun time and better retention of material.

Session Notes:

We’ll be adding session notes as our instructors provide them to us.

Round Count:
  • 250 each AR evolution (500 rounds total)
  • 250 each Handgun evolution (500 rounds total)
  • Shotgun: 100 Birdshot, 10 Buckshot, 10 Slug

Suggested Gear:
  • Eye and ear protection (required)
  • Clothes suitable for the weather (think: warm and dry)
  • Drop pouch
  • 2 spare magazines for pistol
  • 2 spare magazines for rifle

Hours of Operation:
  • Friday
    • 9AM-10AM Sign In
    • 10AM- 6PM Go Hot
  • Saturday
    • 7AM-8AM Sign In
    • 8AM-6PM Go Hot
  • Sunday
    • 7AM-8AM Sign In (note: earlier starting time)
    • 8AM-6PM Go Hot

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Note: NEShooters, LLC has made arrangements to obtain a limited amount of ammunition for our students at a really good price. Due to the limited nature, we can only sell this ammunition for the purposes of attending one of our classes. If you have any questions, please contact us.

If placing a down-payment, the balance is due 30 days in advance of the class. The prices below include a credit card transaction fee. Please enter membership information for the organization you are using to qualify for a discount if so chosen. If you are signing up with multiple people please put their name in the “qualifying organization” field.