Instructor: Kyle Lamb Bio
Dates: Jul 16-18, 2015
SIG SAUER Acadamy, Epping, NH
Class Description

VTAC Street Fighter Course (Three Days)

  • The Lamb “Street Fighter” class is sold out! We are keeping an alternate list. E-mail us your interest and we’ll let you know your position in that list. Our e-mail is on our “Contact Us” page. We’ll need your name, phone number and e-mail address.

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The VTAC Street Fighter Course is an Advanced Tactical Shooting Course. It can be conducted with the Carbine, Pistol or a mix of both weapons. This course will cover advanced fighting techniques for winning a gunfight in an urban environment. The primary focus of instruction will involve working in and around vehicles while fighting to a more secure area.

Prerequisites for this course is Carbine 1.5 or Street Fighter completed within 2 years of this class date.

Topics Covered:
  • Fighting Stance
  • Target to target acquisition
  • Cars as cover
  • Shooting from vehicles
  • Shooting around vehicles
  • Close target engagement
  • Movement techniques
  • Down gun drills
  • Disabled shooter drill

Note Well: This course is physically demanding.

Weapon & Gear Class Requirements:
  • Carbine: AR-15 platform preferred.
  • Back up rifle and service parts
  • Serviceable duty grade carbine of minimum .223 / 5.56 caliber.
  • Factory Ammo (No Reload Ammo )
  • 2 point or Single point Tactical sling.
  • Minimum of 5 serviceable carbine magazines.
  • Chest Rig, Duty belt Magazine Carriers.
  • Rifle mounted Optics
  • 1st Line Duty Gear or Carry Gear.
  • Serviceable duty grade handgun of at least 9mm Para caliber
  • Minimum of 5 serviceable pistol magazines
  • Serviceable holster and magazine pouches.
  • Hand held Flashlight and carrier.
  • Eye and ear protection is required (Electronic hearing protection is preferred)
  • New England Range Wear (Rain Gear and Seasonable Clothing )
  • Weapon cleaning & lubrication supplies
  • An Open Mind is required.

Zeroed Weapons: 100-yard AR-15 Carbine preferred,
Know your handguns zero at various ranges.

Minimum Ammo Requirements:
  • 250 rounds of handgun (Factory Ammo Only)
  • 1500 rounds of carbine (Factory Ammo Only)


Viking Tactics, Inc. requires all students be citizens of the USA (due to ITAR regulations - see Section 120.9) and that they fill out the documents below. They must sent to the NEShooters mailing address. They must arrive 90 days before the class in order to retain your position on the roster. Anyone failing to fulfill the requirements in the documents will be sent a refund and dropped from the roster. Please do not contact Viking Tactics directly: if you have any questions about the following forms please contact NEShooters, LLC. Please print them both out and mail them in and please notice the requirement for a photocopy of all supporting documents except active-duty military IDs.
Also, at the same time, please fill out and send in the:

If placing a down-payment, the balance is due 30 days in advance of the class. The prices below include a credit card transaction fee.

Note Well: The Class is Full. Payments below should be made ONLY by those already registered. To be added to “alternates list” please see above. Payments made by those not already registered will be promptly refunded.