Next Up: Intensive Pistol Skills: Our first handgun class of the year is rapidly approaching. Tom Givens has an encyclopedic knowledge of handgun defense. His training is known to save lives! Sign up and bring a training buddy! This class is a "GO" but with extremely small numbers: if you're looking for a small class this is your chance!

After Action:
Martial Blade Concepts!
While the weather cooperated to enable Mr. Janich to travel to Pelham to teach the class, the weather did present obstacles for students and teachers alike to overcome. Barring those issues, the class was well attended and additionally staffed by 3 MBC associate instructors. Great student to teacher ratio! The material was made even more relevant by specific requests from the students. Overall - another exceptional class taught by Mr. Janich and crew!

Hotel News:
Due to popular request, NEShooters, LLC has entered into an agreement for a lower booking rate from the Salem Holiday Inn. It is closer to our normal venue - the Pelham Fish and Game Club - than the Nashua Holiday Inn. Please feel free to book either. This year's bookings will likely determine future agreements.

Note: We're posting photos of the our classes on the
NEShooters Facebook page and on our NEShooters Instagram stream. Follow along!

You can STOP Unnecessary Class Cancellations!
We believe that if every one of you brought at least one other person to a class that you want to take then we would stop having to cancel classes altogether! However, the benefit to you is that after the class you can compare notes with your friend - an excellent way to learn and retain that learning!

Note: See our
Policies page for details on class cancellations.

Note: NEShooters, LLC has made arrangements to obtain a limited amount of ammunition for our students at a really good price. Due to the limited nature, we can only sell this ammunition for the purposes of attending one of our classes. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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