The NEShooters Summit 2015 has two (2) empty seats due to an injury and a family emergency. So we're still (as of Apr 15) looking for two (2) people to fill the class. Contact us immediately by phone (see our contact list). Join the summit and have a great time!

NEShooters Summit 2015 attendees:

The first class after the NEShooters Summit 2015 is Tom Givens' "Combative Pistol 1". This is an absolutely rock-solid class packed with life-saving teachings. What you also might not know is that Tom gathers information on his former students. As of last month, 65 of Tom's students had been in self defense encounters with a record of 62 wins/0 losses/3 forfeits (the forfeits were students who were killed because they did not have a gun). Clearly, what Tom has to teach certainly works. Come learn those skills!

Note: NEShooters, LLC has made arrangements to obtain a limited amount of ammunition for our students at a really good price. Due to the limited nature, we can only sell this ammunition for the purposes of attending one of our classes. If you have any questions, please contact us.

A couple of links from to some friends in shooting: